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September 15, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

Euro Shorts Decrease, Canadian Dollar Longs Increase by 53% – COT Report

According to the latest Commitments of Traders report, last week the Net Euro short position declined from -102,306 contracts to -93,658 contracts. This reduction in the euro shorts coincides with the rally the Euro had versus the dollar in the previous week. From the date of the last COT report on September 4 to this week’s last day for which data is collected, Tuesday September 11, the Euro gained 150 pips on the dollar. Keep in mind that this data does not include the latest QEX induced rally in the Euro. For the effect of the latest Fed move on speculators positions we have to wait until next Friday.

Australian Dollar net longs slightly increased this week, from +62,439 to +68,259 contracts. AUD/USD traded almost unchanged in that Tuesday-Tuesday weekly trading period. New Zealand Dollar longs decreased slightly from last week’s +11,401 contracts to this week’s +10,032 number. The NZD/USD also traded almost unchanged in that timeframe.

Japanese Yen net longs increased last week from 24,007 to 32,773 contracts. Swiss Frank shorts decreased somewhat, falling from last week’s -13,112 number to this week’s -8,967. USD/CHF lost 82 pips in that period. British Pound net shorts decreased slightly, going from -6,868 to -4,366 contracts, coinciding with the move higher in GBP/USD of 131 pips.

The biggest percentage increase in its overall position this week goes to the Canadian Dollar. This is the seventh straight week that the Loonie sees an increase to its net long positions. Canadian Dollar net longs increased from last week’s +66,555 contracts to this week’s 101,860 contracts, an increase of 53%. The USD/CAD declined by 75 pips in the weekly period from the previous COT report.

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