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January 22, 2013 @ 1:56 pm

Dutch finance minister Dijsselbloem appointed as new Eurogroup chief

The Eurogroup appointed a new chief at their meeting on Monday, choosing Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem to replace outgoing Jean Claude Juncker, who was from Luxembourg.

Dijsselbloem will retain his post as Dutch finance minister while chairing the Eurogroup  for a 30-month term.

After his appointment as new Eurogroup head, Dijsselbloem said in a news press conference that it was “a distinct honour to be given the possibility to succeed Jean-Claude,” and that “only together can we surpass the current problems.”

Dijsselbloem said that his job was all about “further restoring trust in the euro and the Euro zone – that’s the main task in hand and that it key to “preserve the social European model that we so much cherish.”

Dijsselbloem underlined the fact that a new basis of trust has evolved amongst European politicians and they must focus on policies that can help foster “growth and jobs” with Europe to deal with high unemployment.

“We must take the opportunity of the increased stability that we have achieved to put a stronger focus on preventive policy coordination.” He said in his news conference.

In order for Europe to remain a highly competitive social market economy and to preserve the European social model he said that “Our economic policies need to be geared towards promoting strong, sustainable and inclusive economic growth, ensuring fiscal discipline, enhancing competitiveness and boosting employment, and in particular youth employment.”

All Euro zone member countries voted in favour of the appointment of Dijsselbloem  except Spain.

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