About The Company

FXCommunity is one of the premiere resources for foreign exchange, currency trading, binary options, market updates, and even political and current events that influence and/or shape the forex landscape both locally and internationally.

Recognized as a primary foreign exchange authority on the internet today, FxCommunity is composed of a lean yet robust group of individuals with unparalleled expertise in the field of currency trading and business.

FxCommunity maintains a unique database of the biggest and leading forex companies worldwide — including that of financial experts, corporate strategists, foreign exchange software developers, bankers and web developers.

With the company’s unrivaled professionalism and unquestionable dedication in serving its clients and achieving the highest standards in the foreign exchange industry, you can rest assured that FxCommunity can take care of all your financial concerns every time.

We at FxCommunity make no promises, but we stand by our word and that is the commitment and foundation on which our integrity stands. In other words, we offer no mere lip service, but convincing results that come from a genuine effort to meet your own set of standards.

Come and discover what we can offer and do for you. At FxCommunity, we not only strive to get rich (and make other people rich, as well!) – we also work hard to reach out, forge strategic alliances and most important of all, gain trust.

We believe in trust. We believe in YOU.


Artemio Page
Freelance Writer, Technician

Artemio has more than 10 years of experience and ground-level involvement in both the foreign exchange and freelance writing industry. Before joining FxCommunity, he learned the ropes of the forex trade from the dual perspective of corporate competitiveness and customer service. He earned his Masters as well as multiple awards for academic excellence at the Utrecht University in Netherlands 1998.

The scope of his knowledge in crafting engaging and informative online content is a major contribution to FxCommunty. In his free time, Artemio engages himself in a nice game of Modern Warfare 3, if not tinkering with the innards of his computers and laptops.

Jocel “Hanna” Bajao
Content Writer, Math wiz

Jocel’s background in mathematics provides her a good understanding of the complex elements of the forex business, but one of her real passions come from utilizing that knowledge to creating – and you won’t believe this – great interior designs and yes, excellent writing skills!

It’s hard to believe this lady who is an expert at crunching numbers can be so adept at creating the perfect interiors for homes and offices. But in between these distinct talents lie an unassuming web content writer who, according to his close friends, is a one of a kind “jack-of-all-trades” you won’t find anywhere else. Jocel spends her free time tending to her garden and reading her kids their favorite stories.

Terrence Yamamoto
Engineer, Freelance Writer

Terrence received his Engineering degree at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. While at Nanyang, Terrence taught university workshop classes in math and offered his technical knowledge with the school’s student council.

In 2005, he was accepted into the highly-coveted Engineering masters program at Nagoya University in Japan, but it didn’t take the writer long to find out that university was not meant for him; he wanted to design – both material concepts and grammar – and after realizing his other calling, he joined FxCommunity to become one of the company’s mainstay writers. Terrence likes to bum around in the beach with his favorite bottle of beer in his free time.

Rosalie Oribias
Content Writer, Businesswoman

Before joining FxCommunity, Lea engaged in direct selling and promotions of cosmetics and perfume brands with small-scale local firms. This hardworking entrepreneur would later on tie up with a bunch of online marketers and get even busy but this didn’t deter her from doing one of the things she loves: writing.

Lea brings to FxCommunity her trademark passion of connecting with people and blending her business acumen to the company’s pursuit for forex excellence. It is interesting how this young American-Asian can juggle her time doing freelance and at the same time allocating plenty of hours helping the staff at FxCommunity craft the best strategies to gather as much clients as possible. Lea loves to bake — and sleep — during her free time.

Odie Duerme
Website In-Charge, Designer

Through his participation in various local and international seminars and trainings in the software design and development, Odie played a major role in laying the groundwork for the creation of FxCommunity. Odie collaborated with a team of passionate “nerds” from client-focused software firms for almost two years to come up with his own programs and designs which have since given FxCommunity its own unique charm.

Teaming up with some of the brightest minds during his developmental years as a software engineer more than a decade ago, he soon learned the tricks of the trade and before he knew it, bigwigs in the computer industry started courting him for his expert services. Odie spends his free time belting out his favorite songs on the Karaoke.